This year our Ohana Tigers Estrada teams are proud to announce a new award: the 400 Club. The 400 Club is a prestigious award given to all players who complete the semester, or trimester, with a 4.0 or greater GPA, combined with a .400 or higher batting average. This is an extremely difficult accomplishment and players who earn this recognition will be awarded plaques and gifts. We will also have honorable mentions for those who come very close, although they will not receive awards. While we encourage players to improve their softball game, we believe promoting academics is the priority for securing their future. We are excited to honor these girls who have worked hard and accomplished so much, on and off the field.

  Grades Matter (

  According to "Because of the way the recruiting process works, college coaches have a limited number of scholarships they can offer. A coach will work with prospective student athletes and the financial aid office to first determine if a student is eligible for financial aid. If a student qualifies, the amount of the scholarship decreases, leaving more money for scholarships for other students.  
  Another factor that plays a role in this occurs when students are eligible for academic scholarships. If a student athlete can earn an academic scholarship, the coach again does not need to offer an athletic scholarship, leaving more money for other students. This can only happen when a student has good grades, and this is one key reason why grades matter.  
  To qualify for academic scholarships, a student generally must have a 3.5 GPA or higher, 25 ACT score or higher, 1200 SAT score or higher, and must rank within the top 10 percent of the class. Every college or university may have different requirements — these are approximates."